Avoid Gardening Injuries With The Correct Tools and Techniques

By Brooke Hayles

Selecting and maintaining the proper gardening tools for gardening is the one gardening tip that should be considered by all gardeners, especially if you are a beginner. Possessing the right tools not only makes the job itself easier but can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on you body during gardening.

What are the essential Gardening Tools?

Without a doubt, every gardener needs a small trowel and gardening fork for those weeds. Also, if youre planning on doing digging, a good shovel and larger fork are necessary. A container for the weeds is also useful.

But if youre planning on something more serious there are additional gardening tools that are considered to be essential for gardening. Every gardener should possess a pair of hand clippers that are generally used for trimming shrubs and rose bushes. Loppers, being a long-handled cutting tool, are considered to be one of the most multipurpose gardening tools, as it can be used for trimming rose bushes to cutting those tough branches. You can also add a rake, hedge shears, a spreader, a wheelbarrow and a push broom to your list of necessary gardening tools.

What are key Gardening Techniques?

What you dont want to do is turn your pleasant gardening session into an injury. Any unnecessary strain on your body can lead to minor injuries. Prevent this by using the correct techniques for the jobs youre doing. Here are some gardening tips:

Lets look at one of those common jobs - that of moving plants. Yes, a simple task but if you do it correctly, you will find that not only do the plants benefit but so does your body. To begin with, even the weather can make a difference; choose a mild, cloudy day. Next, you need to water the plant before transporting it. Before replanting the plant to other place, make sure to dig down on each side, cutting the roots to make a root ball. For easier transportation, slip a sheet of tough plastic under the root pulling it up and tying it around the trunk so that you can move the plant without destroying it.

Another gardening tip is related to replanting trees. This can really be a difficult task and if not done correctly can cause body injuries. Make sure you always bend with the knees and dont lift anything too heavy by yourself. Get help. Now, in relation to the health of the tree use the root ball to lift the tree, not the trunk. Move the tree into the planting hole immediately, and check whether the tree is perpendicular to the ground. Backfill the soil over the area where it has been replanted, making sure that the soil is firm in these areas. Give it a good drink of water.


Gardening is a pleasant exercise. Avoid unnecessary injuries or disappointments by using the correct tools and techniques.

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