Reasons To Wear Gloves When Gardening

By Jordi Shoman

Many individuals would rather wear nothing on their hands when performing simple gardening activities. Of course this is fine if these activities are just that - simple. Watering plants in your garden could surely be considered one of these activities and most people would agree that gloves are unnecessary for such a task. However if an individual is heavily into gardening and is much more hands-on than simply watering, gloves may become an essential.

While there are many tools one can use to spread mulch, dig up and transplant flowers, weed and other such gardening activities, most people habitually to use their hands. Protection is then a major issue for many people performing such tasks. Shielding your hands from thorns and prickers and protecting them from getting wet, cold and uncomfortable should be your foremost concern especially if you toil in your garden on a regular basis.

There are a number of gloves on the market ideal for gardening which you can choose from. Be aware that there are just as many types of gloves available that are simply inadequate for the passionate gardener. Such gloves as those made of just cotton or some cotton/leather variant may be cheap, easily obtainable and sufficient for some gardening activities, but are simply not that durable and barely, if at all, protect the hands from getting wet. Protection from such things as poison ivy is also lacking with these gloves. Perhaps the best glove out there for gardening is the spandex/lycra composite, which not only protects against all the aforementioned afflictions, but is also quite convenient.

For those of you who would rather not wear gloves when gardening, recently a product has become available that is simply a silicon spray-on sealant that offers up many of the same benefits as the abovementioned composite gloves. This glove, like the others, also shelters the hands from dirt.

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