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By Robert Singleton

Many of us have a garden in our homes. Your garden maybe just a tiny little patch, but it is still a garden. With a garden there is a price to pay, and that is keeping it looking great. So you head outside armed with all of your gardening tools and suddenly youre knee deep in dirt, mud and some muck. What happened to your gardening shoes that were supposed to protect your feet?

The chances are that if you are wearing normal shoes for the garden, then not only did you get unhappy feet but your shoes are completely ruined. The question is what can you wear for gardening? This is the time to check out gardening shoes. While they are not attractive looking shoes, they have the advantage of protecting your feet and legs from nature.

Therefore what type of shoes do you need? The answer to this question depends on the condition of your garden and what type of work that you will be doing. There are mainly two types of gardening footwear that you can get. The first choice is that of gardening shoes.

These shoes will be easy to put on and take off when you need to. They are usually made from rubber or some other material that is waterproof. Even on dry days there is usually a muddy patch lurking somewhere in your garden. Waterproof gardening shoes therefore can not only make sure the mud stays outside of your feet, but that they also wash off quite well.

You need to make sure that your new gardening shoes are made of sturdy material that will hold up to the mud that you can find in your garden. Sturdy shoes can prevent injury to your feet from branches, rose thorns, as well as from stray gardening tools.

The other type of gardening shoe that you can buy is that of boots. While you definitely will have to struggle a little to put the boots on, and to take them off, the benefits of gardening boots goes a long way.

Like your gardening shoes, the boot should be made of a sturdy material that can stand up to branches with sharp pieces sticking out, Rose stems and other garden menaces. You need to find out if your boots are of a waterproof material as well.

Gardening boots that extend up beyond your ankles have the added advantage of protecting your feet and legs. Deeper levels of dirt, mud and any water that is still lying around will not seep into your feet, if your boots rise above the muck.

Depending upon your gardening needs and what type of work you do in the garden, gardening shoes or gardening boots can protect your feet while you weed and clean your garden. Any menaces of nature will not stand a chance against your new garden wear, so go out and get a pair of gardening shoes today!

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