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Question by tomhennesy: Does anybody know a good source of information on Hydroponic Gardening online?
I’m so sick and tired of finding links to a bunch of Marijuana related crap when looking up information on Hydroponic Gardening or the use of a Growbox.

Does anybody know any non drug related sites to gather information on these topics from?

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Answer by bilberrybrian
Hi Tomhennesy!

What you are looking for does indeed exists; it just tends to become buried within google search results.

Two quality print magazines that I really enjoy are The Growing Edge and Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses. It may be worth checking out the Growing Edge forums since they are semi-active.

Another printed magazine is Maximum Yield, though they have too many advertisements and too few articles for my taste. Fortunately all their old articles can be viewed on their website free from the many advertisements found in the printed edition.

All three of these magazines are given to hydroponic stores free of charge. These stores then decide whether or not they will give them away or sell them. From what I have been told these magazines generate their revenue more from advertisements than subscriptions.

Gardenweb has a multitude of forums about gardening and one specific to hydroponics. The members on gardenweb are very friendly and the forum is EXTREMELY active. Most of the projects discussed there are DIY and I would highly recommend networking with the people there based on your stated interests.

Finding a good video about hydroponics on youtube is easier said than done but this user has produced several quality videos that have been enjoyable and I hope he adds more in the near future.

University of Arizona at Tucson has a plant science program and biosystems engineering program with electives related to controlled environmental agriculture and hydroponics. This school was responsible for the design of the hydroponic grow chamber being used at the Admundsen-Scott South Pole Station. UA Tucson actually has a hydroponic club that meets monthly, I believe. If you are in the area stop by for a visit.

Cornell does some research in this area as well.

Try searching on google for CEAC and hydroponics within the .edu domains and you will find several schools in the US and abroad actively doing work in this field.

You are likely to find Europe, particularly the Netherlands, leading the way in terms of commercial hydroponics use and research. Arguably the world’s premiere greenhouse design firm operates out of the Netherlands.

There is also my website which is an up-and-comer but my ambition is to have a bustling website for like minded. It sounds like it accurately fits the description of what you have been looking for. If you like try registering on our forums and we can chat sometime. Currently I’m writing a review for a Milwaukee brix refractometer, a tool for measuring sugar content and the overall health in plants. Quiet the interesting little instrument its turning out to be!

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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