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Hydroponics Gardening – Benefits

Hydroponics growing is the technique where water or other growing media besides soil is used to grow plants. With basic gardening knowledge you can easily start simple hydroponics gardening. Hydroponics can be bit expensive initially but once you have established a good hydroponics system the maintenance is much cheaper compared to traditional pot-growing method. Listed below are benefits that hydroponics offers to its growers:

Space: The best feature of growing hydroponic plants is that you can grow a large variety of plants in a limited area. Because water and nutrients that plants need to survive are directly given to the plants, they don’t spread out in search of food to survive for a long time. Hydroponics is a smart choice for gardeners, especially for dwellers who have limited space or have no backyard. Hydroponics is not only beneficial for non-commercial growers but also for commercial growers because huge fields or land is not required to grow a large quantity of crops. Hydroponics also helps save fuel and transportation cost as fruits and vegetables can be grown near the market area.Pests and Weeds: Hydroponics uses germ-free growing medium unlike soil, it eliminates the risk of weeds, pests and insects. Therefore the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is also reduced. This makes hydroponics with the help of efficient hydroponics system more economical and eco-friendly.Nutrients and water: Hydroponics promotes reuse of precious natural resources, mainly water. You can easily recycle the water which you have already used and drained once. Hydroponics typically requires 10% of water you actually use in traditional farming thereby reducing water consumption. Also, all essential nutrients are directly provided to the plants in correct ratio, therefore the waste of nutrients is reduced. This makes hydroponics gardening very cost-effective.Growth: Hydroponic plants and fruits are healthier and bigger because nutrients are directly provided to the roots. Hydroponically grown plants don’t have to struggle and waste energy to find food as they are directly supplied important nutrients. Hydroponic plants grow 50% faster than soil-grown plants. Without worrying about the season and weather conditions you can successfully grow hydroponic plants with the help of good lighting tools and hydroponics system. You can have a wonderful hydroponics garden all year-round!More benefits: This automated plant-growing method has many benefits. You can go for a vacation without worrying about watering and nutrient supply to your plants. With hydroponics you can grow different types of plants with different growing needs. You can build your own hydroponics system with materials lying in your store room to help reduce the total establishing cost. General Hydroponics alone can solve the problem of food crises without causing any damage to the environment!February 7th, 2011
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