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Hydroponics, a method for growing plants without soil, uses a soilless mix and a nutrient-enriched water system that supplies the plant roots with nutrients on a regular schedule. Hydroponic kits are sold online and at gardening centers that specialize in hydroponic gardening.

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Setting up a small, home system is simple. Hydroponic systems are healthy and require less growing space than traditional gardening, making them ideal for those with limited growing space. With an adequate light source, they can be used year-round, indoors and out. Mint is a good herb for a hydroponic system, particularly for beginners; it requires plenty of water to grow and maintenance is limited once it has been planted.


1. Add the soilless growing medium to the hydroponic growing kit, following the directions that came with the kit. Your specific growing kit may specify a particular medium. Sand, polystyrene, perlite and peat are only a few of the soilless mixes used in hydroponic growing.

2. Prepare the nutrient solution and water mix and load it into the growing kit. Different nutrient solutions have slightly different water to nutrient ratios, depending on the brand and the strength of the nutrient solutions. Follow the directions that came with your nutrient solution.

3. Add the mint plants to the kit. Do not remove the planting medium from around the roots, although it is best if you purchase seedlings that have been rooted in a soilless mix to begin with. If growing your own seedlings from seed, use a soilless mix. Place the mint plants in separate containers in the kit; ideally, each plant should be separated.

4. Provide full sun conditions. The mint can be placed outside in full light during the summer months. In cooler weather, move the unit inside and locate the hydroponic system under a grow lamp for 12-16 hours daily for the optimum growth of the plants.

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