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 Small space and small budget growers can still use hydroponics gardening to produce large yields.

Hydroponics micro-gardeners want to choose low-growing strains to allow enough space for plants to fully develop without growing too close to lights, which can cause stunted growth and plant damage. To keep the size of the grow small while keeping productivity high, hydroponics micro growers want to take advantage of the SOG or SCROG method.

To make the most out of small spaces, hydroponics growers must provide the largest amount possible of high hydroponics light intensity in the right spectrum while maintaining the internal temperature of the hydroponics grow cabinet or micro chamber. Hydroponics micro growers have a number of hydroponic lighting options available including CFL, T-5 fluorescent, or LED. These lights generate very little heat while providing a proper light spectrum for the veg phase, but fall short in covering the plant’s light needs in bloom phase. While these hydroponics lighting options tend to be conducive to hydroponics micro-gardening, they are typically unable to provide enough light in the right spectrum for a plant to reach its maximum potential.

Plasma systems such as Chameleon plasma hydroponics lighting produce intense amounts of light without generating as much heat as HID hydroponics lighting systems. Plasma hydroponics lighting also produce more Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), which is what plants crave during the bloom phase. It is important that all hydroponic gardeners, particularly hydroponic micro-gardeners, use proper hydroponics ventilation to prevent excessive heat build-up, stale air and potential pests, rot, and disease, which can ruin weeks of hard work and dedication. Have a look at these vent fans and garden fans to see aeration equipment designed specifically for hydroponics grow rooms and plants.

Indoor hydroponics gardeners can use hydroponics grow tents, huts, and compartments designed specifically for hydroponics gardening systems. Some of these units are known to cause off-gassing so it is important for growers to double check with manufacturers.

Hydroponics micro growers who use pre-fabricated cabinets to house their garden may have a hard time light-proofing their cab. Black/white poly paper can be secured just behind the cabinet doors and divided into two with an adhesive zipper attached to make an effective light screen.

Hydroponics grow chambers must also be painted or lined with reflective material to bounce light back to plants and prevent light absorption. With the right strain selection and proper hydroponics lighting and ventilation, any hydroponics micro-garden can be used to turn out macro results. Be sure to check out these hydroponics small space ideas.

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