Sunshine Systems GrowUFO LED <b>Grow Light</b> | The LED <b>grow light</b>

More energy efficient than a metal halide or hps grow lightSuitable for all phases of plant growthGrowufos are great for growing any houseplant

The GrowUFO LED grow light is the #1 selling LED UFO on the market today. The GrowUFO is 80-percent more energy efficient than a Metal Halide or HPS grow light and provides your plants with a perfect blend of light for fast, vigorous growth. The GrowUFO LED grow light is suitable for all phases of plant growth and works equally well whether you grow in hydroponics or soil. There are no special reflectors or ballasts needed and it works right out of the box. Just plug it in and you’re ready to Glow Your Own. You can grow any indoor plant with a GrowUFO. Use a GrowUFO LED grow light to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, strawberries and many other flowers, fruits and vegetables. GrowUFOs are great for growing any houseplant and are excellent choices for nurseries or retail stores needing to provide additional lighting to plants over a large area. GrowUFOs provides coverage up to 12 square feet and are suitable for all stages of plant growth. GrowUFOs, are used by hydroponic and garden centers, master gardeners, home enthusiasts, florists, nurseries, researchers, universities, collectives, dispensaries, caregivers and more. – Up to 80-percent energy savings vs. Metal Halide and HPS grow lights. Fast growth – big blooms, buds and flowers. Virtually no heat emitted. Suitable for all stages of growth. Can be used with hydroponics, aeroponics, or soil (potted plants). 50,000+ hour lifecycle. Zero maintenance costs – No bulbs to replace. Green Product – CONTAINS NO MERCURY – Environmentally friendly. Hanging kit included.

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