Alternative Aphid Control - Homemade Organic Spray

making natrural aphid insectaside

There?s many species of aphids, but thankfully a simple natural aphid control spray is often more than enough to exterminate infestations of greenfly and blackfly, on garden plants.

? Aphid Damage

Aphids tend to attack tender young shoots, and newly emerging leaves, as it?s this new growth that has lots of juicy sap for aphids to feed on.

Aphid plant damage can easily be mistaken for spider mite damage, as the leaves curl inwards, just like mite damage ?see Picture below.?

Common aphid are known as many different names, in Europe aphids are known as, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and plant lice too, aphid size very from just 1mm to 10mm.

organic aphid control ? Eco Friendly Homemade Aphid Control Spray

There?s many natural eco spray that can easily be made at home, some are easier than others to make, but most attack the way aphids breathe though there skin, so the recipes below are in order of easiness.

First of and probably the most common aphid spray of all, and that?s probably because everyone has these ingredients at home ?washing-up liquid and water? why does this simple aphid spray work, well washing-up liquid breaks down water tension, so when you do spray them down, instead of small water droplets forming, ?leaving them aphids still able to breathed? instead their left with a film of water, covering their howl bodies, leaving them unable to breathe and so die.

? Ingredients For Soap insecticide Aphid Spray

Makes 1 litre of Aphid Spray

10ml of washing-up liquid ?two table spoons.?

One litre of warm water.

And that?s all there is to it, simples ?know wonder it?s the most common homemade insect spray there is.?

? Ants Are Eating The Aphids!

aphid control and ants

It?s very common to think that the ants are eating aphids on plants, but infect their actually looking after them aphids, as the ants are harvesting the sap that aphids collect for their own use, ?so seeing ants running round plant stems is a very good sign that aphids are about.?

? Neem oil Insecticide Spray

Neem oil come from an evergreen tree, that grows on the Indian subcontinent, and has many uses, including insecticide, which it?s well known for, but it?s not a kill on contact bug spray, but will start working within 24 hours of being used.

? Ingredients For Neem Oil Aphid Insect Spray

Makes 1 litre of Spray

5ml neem oil ?one table spoon.?

Either 2ml insecticide soap, or household detergent, About one tea-spoon.

One liter of warm water.

And that?s it, you?ll need to mix the detergent with the water first, then add the neem oil, as you stir the ingredient the detergent will start to break-down the oil, then once everything look dissolved, its ready for use.

? How often Should I Use Garden Insect Sprays

For Infestation, give your plants a very good soaking, pay special attention to the underside of leaves, as this is where they'll hide-out, and then after that, once insect numbers have dropped, only spray once a week.

? Preventative Aphid Control

Preventing aphid infestations is always better, so paying close attention round your indoor garden, to spot any increase in problem aphid insect.


Dilute your aphid spray by half and give your plants a weekly or fortnightly spray, ?depending on the weather? this will keep problem aphid numbers down to an acceptable numbers.

? Use Aphid Spray As Soon As You Can

Neem oil breaks down pretty quickly, once added to detergent ?which is needed to make neem oil spray able? so only make enough aphid insecticide for what you need, as it?s effectiveness will deteriorate.


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