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? How Much Extra Growth!

Well these Co2 generator can give the grower the opportunity to give there crop an increase growth/yield of about 30% to 100%.

Now I say ?opportunity? because using Co2 generators also give you the ?opportunity ? to throw other favorable growing condition out of whack, like temperature, and humidity.

growroom co2 generator ? Hot Countries

Co2 generators burn propane, which produces heat and also water from the combustion of gas, so monitor temperature and if temp goes above 95 degrees then stop using your Co2 enrichment generator, as temps of 95 and over stop your girls from growing as plants start losing more water than the root system can supply, causing the pores to close, to prevent any further water loss, as the very same pores that supply your plants with all that extra Co2 are also the very same ones that respire oxygen and also water vapor, its affectively there lungs that?s switch off ? no wonder they stop growing.? ? Air Circulating

Co2 is heaver than air, but when hot rises inside your grow room, so when using a Co2 generating unit, always have a fan moving air about your grow room or greenhouse.

? Leak, What Leak?

Although propane bottles do self seal and are generally very safe, its always a good idea to check your bottle seal when ever you?ve changed over Co2 generator bottles, simply fill a plant mister with some water and soap and spray round any connections and if any bubbles appear then DON'T USE, until you?ve refitted, and solved the problem.

? Grow Room Bottled C02 Gas

co2 tank growroom regulator

Grow room Co2 Emitters use bottled Co2 ?same suff that?s used in some fire extinguishers is easer and safer to use, although growers do prefer propane Co2 generators as emitters cost roughly three times the price to refill as propane canisters do, so are only used when grow room heat is an issue .

? Carbon Monoxide And Co2 generators

grow room carbon monoxide detectors

Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide can be released from Co2 generators when fuel not been burnt fully, so always have a carbon monoxide house detector monitoring your grow room. A cheap alternative to powered detector is a pack of sticker plates that change colour when levels reach a harmful level ? although you do need to remember to look every time you enter? which is why I bought a powered Co2 detector.

? Co2 Generators And Air

As Co2 generators burn Gas they also burn Air, so its essential to has some way of replacing oxygen within your grow area, green houses naturally have a change over of air as green houses are not sealed like a grow room are, so have your exhaust fan on a timed cycle, say for a few minutes before your Co2 generator timer kicks in.

? How Much Co2 To Release

Well the air that all around us is about 391 PPM ?2010?, where pre-industrial levels were 279 PPM,so any increase will result in more plant growth but when you increase this level to 1000 PPM then plants will really l start growing faster as plant use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to produce sugers , a good level for high growth rate is 1500, but any higher than 2000 becomes toxic to some plants and above 5,000 PPM is consider very unhealthy For us.

co2 senser controler the fuzzy ? Measuring Co2 Levels In Your Grow Area

There?s three ways I know of to measure Co2 grow room levels, so?s you know how long to leave your Co2 generator on for.

Digital Co2 sensor ?THE FUZZY? will take all the hassle out of monitoring Co2 grow room levels this C.A.P PPM_2A will work with either Co2 injectors or propane burners and will constantly monitor your grow room Co2 levels, and can also be hooked-up to grow room exhausts fans, so?s there?s no wastage.


Co2 test tube testing kits are easy to use and by far the cheapest ? inn less your good at maths? and a standard sized grow room ? one meter square and six foot tall?, a good place to measure from is to release Co2 for two minutes and then measure Co2 levels after half an hour, then again half hour after that, this will give you two figures to start adjusting your timer by.

? Using A Glass Tube Co2 Tester Kit

The only way to really get a good Air sample from your grow room is to make a hole big enough for your Glass Co2 tester to fit though. And you?ll also need one of these massive syringes.

testing kit co2 syringe

This syringe is used to pull your sample of air though the glass tube ?timed, so you have to pull the air though, over a given time, its trickier than it sound believe me.?

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