Treating Red Spider Mite With Organic Sprays And Predators

? So What Are Red Spider Mites red spotted spider mites in grow box room Well there not your best mate, inn less you love arachnids, which is what they are, juvenile red spider mites have six legs and adults have all eight, and when fully mature, also have a reddish colour to them ?but not always? with two light coloured spots on there backs.

. Spider Mite Sprays

Here's an organic spay to help eliminate red mites, the soap part of the ingredient breaks down the water tension, which suffocates them mites, the other ingredients help in deterring mite in the fist place.

One Bar of soap ?not vegetable based.?
One end of an onion ?the root bit you normally throw away.?
Half ounce of cloves.
1/8 ounce of cayenne pepper.

? Spotting Spider Mite Colour

Folk get real confused when trying identifying mites, and know wonder as mites change colour thought the year ?depending on the season there in, so there?s a little help identifying them quitters.? killing red spider mite

? Red, only after waking from hibernation, so early spring in gardens, and then through autumn/winter if growing inside greenhouses of grow-room.

? White, new born mites are an off white and so can adults too, varying shades of colour, from white to a yellowy green, ?depending on light source, you?re looking under? with two spots.

? Mite Spots, you?ll not be surprised when I say that the two spots on mites also ?appear to change colour too? so colours can be from black, black/red, black/green to somewhere in-between.

? Spider Mite Breeding Cycle

Knowing how these little quitters breed is important when trying to control mites, or even eradicate mites from either your crop plants or house plants, as plants can die quickly because infestation can over-come plants fast.

red spider mite eggs on grow room plants From a spider mite egg hatching, it can take only 36/48 hours before they can also lay eggs too, ?this is very dependent on temperatures,? these eggs are normally laid very close to the plants vain, so?s there?s a yummy breakfast of sap waiting for them, when they do hatch them eggs which are 0.15mm ?pretty small? from which two thirds will be females.


As I?ve Said mite egg reproduction, can dramatically increase the warmer them temperatures are, I myself have had mite problems, indoors though winter, and observing them for seven days, I only noticed a small increase in mites.

Spring and summer temp, are a different story, from observing mites over the last few years I?ve observed from 60 degrees, it takes about 36 days for anything from 4 or 5 eggs a day.

Summer temps from 70 to 80 degrees, and female mite can produce in excess of 30 or more eggs a day ?each mite? and can live for up to 4 weeks, in which time a female red spotted spider mite can lay hundreds of eggs.

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