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These grow light stand are easily make from inexpensive PVC tubing that can be bought from all hardware stores. flourescent grow light stands Many folk choose to start their seeds off indoors, just to get that extra few weeks or even months head start on the growing season, and like me either just don?t want to be hanging grow light from their ceiling, nor really want to buy a really expensive grow room light stand, so here?s a inexpensive and simple, lightweight design that you?ll be able to take down then no longer needed.

And if you feel that you?d like your growing light stands to be that little extra sturdy then you can always supplement the PVC piping and connectors with copper water pipe and connectors instead.

For the purposes of this homemade howto build your own grow light stands, we?ll presume that building a light stand for three, three-foot fluorescent and that you want your grow light stand to be two feet off the floor.

Grow Light Stand Parts list

? 12x T Piece PVC connectors

? 4x Right Angle PVC connector

? 6 meters of 22mm PVC tubing

All theses PVC parts above are normally used for over-flows for bathroom piping.

? 1

First off cut eight two inch sections of 22mm tubing, then with four of them place a T piece connector on top of each one.

grow light stand

? 2

Now place the other four two inch pipes on top of the T pieces that you?ve just connected..And also your four remaining T piece connectors place them on top of the two inch pieces of tubing.

So what your left with is a two-inch 22mm tubing, with a T piece, with another two inch 22mm tubing with a T piece on top of that.

grow light stand diagram

? 3

Now cut four two foot sections and place them on top of the T piece that you?ve just fitted in number three above with one right angle on top of each one, then put your last four two inch pieces on the end of your right angles, you now have all four led ready to fit.

Put pop your last four T pieces onto the ends of them 2inch pieces, with the center three foots to connect both legs together.

You should now have the grow light stand, standing on all four legs.

flourescent grow light stand diagram

? 4

All that?s left is to cut the top 22mm PVC tubing and fit, so cut two three foots and two four foots and attach and decide how many fluorescent grow light fittings you?d like.

flourescent grow light stand diagram

? Tips

? Purchase all your PVC parts, right angle elbows, T pieces and lengths from the same manufacturer, to ensure a good tight fit for your grow light stand.

? Measure twice and cut once and use a hacksaw to cut with.

? This homemade grow light stand how to plan is easily adapted, just adjust the side pieces to suit your grow light stands needs.

? If your wanting a larger light stand, you can use copper water piping instead ?the same parts are also available as the PVC parts, or just use a copper water pipe for the part of the frame that you fluorescent grow lights hang off.

? Any parts that you feel don?t fit well together, simply swap with another one, its more than likely that will fix the problem and if not then wrap some vinyl insulation tap round the tubing ends before fitting.

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