Inline Grow Room Ventilation | Design Fan exhaust system Setup

A well designed grow room ventilation system, is simple enough to design yourself, with just a little know how.

ducked fan grow room ventilation setup Grow box ventilation is an important part in any indoor garden setup, there?s several different types of grow room exhaust, but all will keep grow room from overheating, and a well installed fan will keep your grow room temperature as close to outside temps as possible.

Removing stale and moist humid air from grow room, whether you?re using a squirrel, cage, inline ducted fan, or even a cheap bathroom extractor fan.

? Choosing A Grow Room Fan

Exhaust fans are all rated, you?ll see ?cfm? marked somewhere, which simply means (cubic feet per minute) yes per minute, and not per hour as many folk think, but first you?ll need know how to work out the cubic feet of your grow room.

So What?s The Cubic Feet Of Your Grow Room?

All that?s need is for you to Multiply the square feet of your grow room by the ceiling height, to determine the cubic feet, ie (length x Width x Height = cubic feet)


A grow tent is the most common housing for an indoor garden, and the most popular sized grow tent is ( 3x3x6 ) which comes out at 54 cubic feet.

? Grow Room Fresh Air Cycle

Most indoor grow book?s will say to replace grow room air three times a minute, which I?ve found to be, well excessive Bering in mind that you?ve already have an oscillating desk fan moving the grow room air around.

? So what I feel/experienced

Replace grow room air very 5 minutes will be more than enough fresh air for plant?s to thrive, which means for small indoor gardening box?s a simple bathroom/kitchen extractor fan, will happily do the job you want, at half the cost.

? Squirrel cage Fans

Squirrel blow fans, sometimes called squirrel cage fans are the ones that look just like a hamsters wheel, there pretty much the largest of grow room fans ?due to the design of the fan wheel? and normally cost the most too, squirrel blow fans are best suited to work with grow room carbon filer can filters, as their able to cope with the back-pressure.

? Ducted Fan

cheap grow room ducted fan ventilation

Ducted fan extractor fans ?the ones you see in bathroom/kitchens? are low watt fans, normally about 25 watts and have air-flow ratings in M3/hr and not CFM, their great for small/ normal sized grow rooms, which is great, because there about half the price ?at least? than any other grow room extractor fan, but never ever try using one with a carbon air can, as any restriction on air-flow will massively reduce airflow .

? Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal grow room ventilation for carbon filters

These fellas are powerful grow room ventilation systems ?the same type of propeller design that?s used in vacuum cleaners/carpet cleaners? very powerful fans that are equally suited for either extracting or blowing, can be a little noisy, if there not connected to a carbon filter system.

Where high airflow and also high back pressure performance is needed ?ideal for folk who require air to pass through ducting before or after a carbon filter.

? Acoustic Box Fans

acoustic grow room ventilation wisper fan
Acoustic grow room ventilation fans can have either a centrifugal or squirrel type fan blades, which are housed inside an acoustically designed box ?just like a car exhaust middle box? so if you?re after something that?s very quite then this is the best grow room fan you can buy.

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