Plant Light Stands For Metal Halide Lamps and high pressure Sodium Grow Lights

An easily made plant light stands for your grow room box that?s also has adjustable hight for when your plants grow.

This plant light stand great if you don?t really fancy hanging grow lights like high pressure sodium lights and metal halide lamps from your ceiling,even 1000w hps grow lights,

Will also hangs grow room carbon air filter and you can also hang the grow light ballast off the light stand too, keeping it well off the floor.

? Tools You?ll Need For Your Homemade Plant Light Stand

ajustable plant light stand

? Hack-saw

? Drill and 5mm drill bit

? Magic Marker

? Set square

? Box section steel tubing

0.5 and 0.8 inch

? Vice ?but not essential

? Metal file ?for sharp edges?

As you can see, you?ll not need many tools for this homemade plant light stand, and what you don?t have just beg borrow or steal, ?ok that last one?s a joke.?

? Buying your box section steel

Box section steels cheaper than you may think, if you find somewhere local, which size you buy ?or what?s available? is up to you, but I used 0.8 of an inch and 0.5 inch, the 0.5 is for sliding into the inside of the 0.8 so?s you?ll be able to adjust the height easily.

? Triangle plates

While your at the iron mongers, you?ll need to also pick up an off cut of 2mm thick plate 12x12 inch, you?ll probably be able to find a suitable piece in there of cut box ?all iron mongers will have a scrap box that you?ll be able to rummage though and probably wont cost anything either.

plant light stand diagram
? 1

Firstly you?ll cut three sections, which two will become the feet for your stand, and the other you will later hang your plant light from.Two, two and a half foot sections ?30inch.?

diagram of plant light stands

? 2

Now for them two shorter bits that are sitting on top of the light stand feet.Two one foot sections ?12inch.? But don?t try fitting them just yet.

? 3

Cutting the two triangles, ready for use.12 by 12 inch.

? 4

Cut a length of box section for the vertical light stand section.4 foot "48inches.

? 5

build a plant light stands With the magic marker, mark out where them two bars need to be, 20inches from what will become the front ?where your grow light will hang over? and remember to make sure the vertical box section, plus the triangle has room to just fit when you mark it out.

Once marked out clamp and drill out, and bolt together, and also drill and bolt the vertical and the triangle before fixing to the two feet.

? 6

best plant light stand diagram

With the three-foot section that you bought specially to go inside the vertical plant light bar. ?36inch.? for the light stand and mark out every six inches and drill all the way though, ?these will be for adjusting your plant light stand.?

? 7

With the section third section that you cut earlier ?along with the feet? and the remaining triangle, clamp onto the vertical box section, 20inches out ?the same distance as the feet? and the triangle and check its horizontal with a spirit level, ?then magic marker it? drill it out and bolt it up.

homemade plant light stand

With the main plant light stand built you can now put any extra hooks for cables you?d like, along with a lick of paint.

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OK, lets get growing...

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