Making Hydroponics Homemade NFT Hydroponic System

. Hydroponics Homemade Introduction

NFT hydroponics systems have been round since 1960s, Allen Cooper of England developed the Nutrient film technique.

The Land Pavilion at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center in Florida opened in 1982 and features a variety of hydroponic techniques.

nft homemade hydroponics system

The fact that nutrient film technique hydroponics has many advantages including that the roots of the plant have constant access to oxygen and that the plants have access to as much or as little water as they need.

This is important as one of the most common errors when growing in soil is over- and under- watering, but with NFT hydroponics prevents this from occurring as large amounts of water is be made available to the plant,as a small amount of nutrient enriched water is constantly passing just under their root system, and as the water moves and ripples though the NFT system this action also causes the air to move too, making the system highly affective at delivering just whats needed, and any water that?s not used, drain?s away, recalculated, and then actively aerated, eliminating toxic conditions which drowns root systems in soil.

Growers that use soil, needs to be very experienced to know exactly how much water to feed there plant?s, Too much and the plant will not be able to access oxygen; too little and the plant will lose the ability to transport nutrients, which are typically moved into the roots.

. Common Mistakes With Hydroponics Homemade

One of the biggest mistakes ?not the only one though? is using oval guttering for your homemade NFT system, as the very nature of this system is to have a film of water ?between 1mm & 3mm? over a fairly wide surface area, so as you can see, so using a round water gully is somewhat pointless.

? HERES A PICTURE OF MY SQUARE NFT GULLY homemade pvc pipe hydroponics

As you can see, using a square gully make life a lot easer as the fiddly job of light proofing your water channel, by other means has already been taken care of, all that?s left for you is to blank of the ends and cutting out some holes for your plants to grow in, also a way for the nutrients to recalculate back to your nutrient tank.

Here?s my NFT hydroponics homemade system that?s used in my greenhouse hydroponic system that I?ve built is a vertical NFT hydroponics system, as space is very limited, although I have managed to use every inch available to me, with 68 NFT pot plant spaces available for my hydro crop plants.

nft hydroponics homemade

Making your hydroponic homemade NFT system water tight, at the same time as being able to remove the channels from your homemade NFT hydroponic setup is easy enough as long as you give a little thought into howto.

As your water needs only to be 1mm to 2mm depth within the hydroponics homemade water gully channels, so any lip/ edges need to be as flat as the base of the gully, any extra height will increase the depth of the water dramatically, and may cause some water logging at the far end too.

? NFT WATER PUMP to large/powerful

Using the right water pump is also very important, as having one thats to large/powerful, will mean you having to restrict the flow from your water pump, which will put a strain on the water pump and at the same time, may over heat your nutrient solution too as the max temperature for the water solution is 21c, any hotter and nutrient will start do dissipate out from your water .

? NFT WATER PUMP to small/underpowered

hydroponic pump setup Depending on the height or distance your water nutrient solution need to travel, take my vertical NFT hydroponics system for example, the height of which the water needs to travel is two meters, so a 1000 Litres an hour water pump is just right for the job, but say you'd like to build a Homemade Aeroponics System then a 1000 pump would be underpowered


nft bucket hydroponics Choose a Tank that?s no higher than your lowest gully, and of course it need to be light proof to prevent algae growth and also large enough for lots of nutrient enriched water.

"Most hardware stores will stock NON opaque plastic storage containers that come with a fitted lid already,look for a 50 litre container" as these containers are not as high sided as the small loft water storing containers for attic/loft use, but if hight is of no importance to you then these containers are perfect for your hydroponics homemade system


homemade greenhouse hydroponics Because NFT hydroponic systems are so susceptible to pump and other failures, I use spreader mating that?s used in bench top growing to soak up excess water and to help with stopping plants from falling over, as plant roots grow into the felt of the matting, so its ideal for NFT systems as a fail safe, if placed in the bottoms of the NFT channels it will help eliminate any dry spots accruing as the roots grow within the growing channels, as the roots grow, some damming of the water solution may accrue, and at least this felt will help with damming and dry point, also pump failure.


You?ll probably have noticed from looking at other nft hydroponics homemade system setups that square rock wool cubes are mainly used, but as my NFT system is a also homemade, I?ve tried keeping the cost down as 70 rockwool cubes would have cost a few quid.


rock wool ph value All rock wool fiber has a high PH value, which if not balanced to your hydroponic nutrients solutions PH value before use, will throw you your hydro fertilizer off wake, after water has been circulating for a while ?above 6.5? so soak in a water solution of 3.5 Ph, over night in a bucket first, then squeeze out the excess water before installing, or alternatively circulate your NFT hydroponics system over night fist.

homemade nft plastic net pot

If you do try these pvc pipe hydroponic pots with Earthwool zero carbon loft insulation then you?ll need to roll the earthwool up fairly tightly, so?s the nutrient rich water solution is drown up the rock wool.

Alternatively you could use rock wool slabs, take the plastic wrap off and cut the rock wool slab into slices, doing it this way would also keep costs down too.
homemade hydroponic pot

Here?s my pots that I?ve made for the NFT gullies, all the PVC pipe is, 40mm waste piping, that cut to length, plus a bit extra so?s I can pull the pot out when needed, oh yeah a small groove that will let water underneath the pots easily, Earthwool zero carbon loft insulation IS VERY loose/ airy, and in my opinion is better than the ready bought cubes of rockwool, as you can decide how airy you need your medium to be, and also mix with other hydro growing mediums if you wish.

The pic below is of my alternative, Earthwool zero carbon loft insulation, the roll covers 8sq meters, so I?m guessing that?s enough to fill my pots and the best part is that the hole roll cost me 5 quid from my local hardware store.

rock wool


Choosing the right glue to keep nft systems water tight, and keeping the pvc pipes water-tight, well you have a couple of options, I?ve try?d both of these and each work well, utility/ bathroom/kitchen, silicone sealant is fine to use, or solvent cement is also very good too, which ever one you do you use, you?ll need to lightly rub the surface where sealing is needed with some sand paper to ensure good contact.

nft hydroponic glue


homemade hydroponic grow room If your looking for an indoor vertical hydroponics system and your feeling super flush, then theres always the option of one of theses very cool lookin fellows, there also a very good space saver,my local hydro shop has one on display, and i always feel like a kid hopping for one in my stoking ;(

Also i have some other picture for you to drool over, just follow the link above.

As you can see, my NFT hydroponics homemade system, runs well and my crop plants love it more than me, and if you?d like more detailed plans than whats shown above, then just follow this link NFT hydroponic plans.

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