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Whenever large grow rooms are mentioned, then this plant grow room picture that normally comes to mind, it?s what everyone thinks of as the classic indoors crop room for plants.

? What?s The Best Sized GrowRoom

grow room lighting disigns and layout As girls say ?it?s not the size that matters? and that couldn?t be more true, by growing intelligently you really can cut down on your monthly bill?s as well as your growing room setup costs, and that?s because when it comes to growing, there?s more than one way to grow.

Looking at the picture below. Show just how much grow lights are being waited, the over lapping plant light, is shown by the orange section, and that?s not the worst part, and that?s because them plants that are in the triangle zone are getting far more light than the rest, and that can mean only one thing, stretched plants that will grow taller than the rest, over shadow the over plants, and will run the risk of getting there leafs burnt too.

lighting diagram for grow room disigns

? Less Really Is More

By simply learning how to train and prune plants, you can grow shorter, bushier plant?s that will fill every inch of your grow room space that?s available, so instead of having ?say twenty? tall plant?s with long internodes, you could have eight or even less, in a smaller grow room with fewer grow lights, and still get more from your crop, so which would you rather have, a costly grow room setup, that?s also expensive to run, or a small economical grow room, that?s cheaper to setup and also run as well.

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