Homemade Aeroponics System Setup How To

Here?s my homemade Aeroponics growing system, although not true Aeroponics, as you may have read on the main page, as all ?including all shop bought aeroponic systems available?.

All these systems use fish water pumps to spay water droplets round a sealed container with an inner try that holds the dangling roots away from the water reservoir, that?s normally under the try.


aeroponics water pump high output At the hart of any homemade or shop bought aeroponic system is the water pump, and unlike NFT hydroponics, use expensive fish water pumps, as these pump do more than just move water from a to b, it?s the pressure that you get from them that your after.

The first aeroponic system that I built, used a pump that was previously use in my large pond, which had a 3500 litre an hour water pump, and that?s now working as an aero pump for ten years and still going strong. hydroponic pump

I?ve recently bought a 1000 litre fish tank pump, thats to replace my old vertical NFT pump, and curious to see if this new pump ?that?s just one third of the size? would work in the Aeroponics system, sadly no such luck, all that it managed was a dribble, but works fine for my (NFT hydroponics homemade system) so nothing lost.


Any good sized containers ok, the one in the picture is a 50 litre storage container that?s not opaque, so wont allow light in and algae to grow, a small lip on the container lid is a must, as this will keep the pressurized water inside your homemade Aeroponics system.

aeroponics container drainage Of cause you could always buy, just a purpose built container, which are vacuum formed in black plastic, which do look good and at the same time your still saving money, or just paint a storage unit container with black enamel spray paint.

Not a must, but very handy to have is a drainage point, because every two weeks you?ll need to empty out the hydroponics fertilizer, and replace with fresh solution, so without one of these fellas, you?ll be taking out your plants, which will likely stress them out, and maybe put them back a day or two.

Also doubles up as a very handy water level marker.


homemade aeroponics growing system The white piping that makes up the closed loop on aeroponic systems, is just plane old cold water piping that can be bought at any hardware store, its 22mm and comes in two meter lengths, at abought two quid, but don?t buy the reinforced PVC piping, as it looks just the same, but three times the price as the other.

If you look at the piping at the ends, you?ll see that the reinforced stuff has a blue ring, sandwiched between two white rings.


aeroponics system sprinker The very very first temped at Aeroponics, i used mini sprinklers, that spin round and although very affective at spaying all the roots, but after a while soon became jammed, as the aeroponic roots grew very quickly and stopped the mini sprinkler from spraying, and as aero roots are so susceptible to drying out, my plants soon dyed, which is a shame as these sprinklers do look cool, and here?s one mini garden sprinkler that I?ve dug out of me odds and sods hydro box, ?as you may have guessed I throw nothing away.?

So using a spray mister is the best answer for aeroponic misting of the root system, as these fellas wont get clogged up, nearly so easily as the sprinklers do.


aeroponics spray mister As aeroponic roots only use the air space in your growing chamber, no medium is really needed, all that?s needed is something to hold the trunk of your crop plans in place, this can either be a foam disc, wedged into a hole of your aeroponic container or what I prefer, which is a modified net-pot, with expanded clay, as roots systems tend to grow into foam, and that means making new aeroponic foam collars, every time you plant a fresh crop of plants, where?s expanded clay can be recycled again and again.

aeroponics system net pot

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