How To Build Your Own Hydroponics System Setup

So you?d like to build your own hydroponics system setup then, well that?s great because you?ve come to just the right place.
b uild your own hydro deep water system

Building your own hydro garden?s been happily taking place for at least a couple of thousand years ?with-out DIY/home department stores? which makes things a whole lot easier.

? So How Easy Is ?easy.?

Home growing hydro gardening systems can easily be built at home, even if your not that DIY minded. Simple hydro can be as simple as coca-cola bottle some hydro nutrients and an air pump.


Look really complicated, like my hydroponic drip system that in the video, believe it or not it too is just PVC pot ?an old for sale sign? a bit of tubing, and an aquatic air pump. Yet it?s not let me down ?not once? this year. As you can see from them small pic?s, I?ve grow aubergines, strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach for my little guinea-pigs.

? The not ?quite? so easy Home Built System

Compared to the drip hydro above, my aeroponic unit is a little trickier to build ?but not a lot more? just a little.

Because Aeroponics use pond-water-pumps, pumping water about ?under pressure? there?s always a chance that water being flung ?everywhere? so attention needs to be paid to sealing PVC connection properly, that being said, other than a little more cost, it?s still pretty easy to build an aeroponic systems from scratch.

? Greenhouse Hydroponic Gardening

Nutrient Film Techniques use for growing lots and lots of plants at once, if you?ve bought a supermarket tomato recently then the chances are, it was grown in a greenhouse using NFT hydroponics.

Simply by using roof guttering, PVC tubing, shelving supports, container, hydro pump and of course some hydro nutrients ?not forgetting the couple of hours to build and setup of course.? There?s variation on this grow setup, my one in the photo, I?ve built vertically, but can just as easily be built horizontally too.

build your own hydro greenhouse system

So Why Build Your Own Hydroponics System

Simply put growing with hydroponics ?can increase? plant yield/crop, in size and weight, also plants can be grown much closer together, but also grow faster ?much faster?.


Hydroponics is by far more environmentally friendly too, plant?s use much less water ?you? waist less water, as plant?s grown hydroponically only use what?s need, ?like soil grown plants? but with hydro, the water that?s not used is simply drained back to the plants water reservoir, then re-used on the following watering interval.

Most bought compost?s are made up of ?peat? from peat bogs, that takes thousands of years to layer into an ecosystem, which are quickly despairing as it?s being used in compost mixes, as little as 6% is now left in nature reserves.

As that?s not a good reason to take up hydroponic gardening, then there?s another very good reason.

By the time soil and peat?s been mixed, nutrients added and then transported ?probably half way round the world? by diesel truck have a huge cost to our environment, so who wouldn?t change to hydroponics.

Feel free to make yourself at home and have a browse about, and hopefully you?ll glean some useful information while your at it, and hopefully you?ll feel more able to build your own hydroponics system from scratch.


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