Indoor Grow Box For Stealth Gardening

With so many grow box to choose from, like them cabinets grow boxes, grow tents to grow cabinets, its know wonder folk get there heads into a spin, so first-off take a peek at,,, grow room setup for what?s also needed.

There are also variations on these types of grow-box setups, below you?ll find a brief description PLUS a link in bold Orange for a more detailed look at each grow room system.

?Choose which grow lights you?d like to grow with first.?

Growing On.

The best of the best grow with HPS grow lights , great for strong growth, but eats electricity, for most folk Fluorescents do just fine for growing young plants on, either compact Fluorescent Grow Lighting ,or T5 strip lighting Grow Lights will work just great.

So if your happy growing on your seeds,cuttings,young plants with fluorescents then a small cabinet will do the trick.


For Flowing, most will use high pressure sodium grow lights which produce lots of heat and the most popular HPS lights are 400watt, which will adequately light a One meter square of growing area, so summing a little bigger than a small cabinet is needed, like a grow-room, grow-tent or grow-box, which are also all below.

Ok, so you?ve chosen which lightings best for you ?big and powerful, or cheap and discreet? your call.

hydroponic round room gardening setup

Hydroponic Round Room

Vertical Coliseum round growing systems ?wish someone would give a name to these round grow rooms,? The Eco System Mk2 is the very latest breakthrough in hydroponic grow room growing techniques, by using grow lighting in the very center of your round grow room, making sure every drop of light is used for plant growth.

discrete grow cabinet grow room

Discrete Grow cabinets/fluorescents and led?s

These cabinets for growing are best suited to fluorescent grow lights and LED grow lights, Why!!! Simply because high discharge grow lights burn hot, I mean real hot, so a small grow box would soon become an oven, in know time.

build a pc grow box how to

Stealth PC Grow Box, CFL or LED

You see these small PC grow boxes, are made-up from large PC case and either a compact fluorescents or LED for lighting, with a bubbler and a PC fan for ventilation ?it?s a great option for bedroom growing? and you could build your own PC grow box, but you?ll only have room for just three plants ?maximum.?

best grow room tents Grow Tent/HID for vegetative, or HPS for flowing

One of the most popular grow rooms, if you?ve got all the room in the world then a combination of two of these ?one for vegetative growth and the other for flowering? will get you growing in know-time at all.

cabinet growing

Grow Closet/HID for vegative, or HPS for flowing

Closet grow rooms can make for the best grow rooms of all, they make for the most discrete grow room gardening of all, so long as ventilations not a problem for you.

Growroom Spare-room/HID for vegative, or HPS for flowing

If your lucky enough to have a spare room to grow in ?lucky you? then check the link out to see why this very popular image of a grow room ?may not be the perfect example of a grow-room.?

My Hydroponic Grow Room Cabinet Plans

Except the real ones a hole lot less pretty, its not a step by step guide to building your own grow room, but is show you what's easily achieved with a little MDF chip-board, and at a fraction of the price of any pre-built grow rooms ? so go on, build your own custom grow-room.?

Grow Room Carbon Air Filters

"Carbon air filters are normally the last thing you get round to buying on that very long and expensive shopping list?, when you first start out on your Indoor Grow Room the price of all the bits soon add up to a hell of a lot of cash, so what most folk do ?me included? is cut out what seams at the time a fairly none essential item, and its only when your crop starts to ripen that you realize that you my have made a Big mistake. How Do Carbon Filter Work

grow roo co2 generator calculator how to Grow-Room Co2

Producing Co2 for growing your crop plants is easy, "the hard part is getting it right"so use this calculator For Grow Room Co2 Generator to work out how much Co2 you'll need to reach the magic 1500 ppm target.Build your own homemade Co2 grow-room generator , with this handy how to.

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