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Wrong, compact fluorescent grow lights offer diverse uses, over the traditional strip lighting, which when used for grow room lighting, can only really grow plants to a maximum of 12inch (foot) so are used mainly for propagation and seedlings.

compact fluorescent grow lights have now changed all that, with integrated ballast and there compactness that makes them, when used in numbers makes them a bulb that can be used from propagation to full maturity.

? Replace your HID! (High Intensity Discharge)? Metal Halide? Sodium Lamp

Yes that?s right, while fluorescent grow lights don?t have as many lumen's as HID lights alone, but with being energy efficiently, compact fluorescents can be placed very close to the plant, and with the colour rendering meaning much better matched to plants, than any other bulb, means every ray of light can be absorbed.

? Are there any other benefits?

Well yes, not only is the ballast built in to Compact fluorescent grow lights, which is a massive saving on the pocket, but also with not having a massive start up current, there?s also no need for a relay and socket, which is normally needed for protecting your timers.

? Flower power

Put all this together and the savings are really big, making growing plants with supplementary lighting a lot greener than ever before,and maybe one day soon, you'll be able to go off grid too.

? CFL getting Specialized

Hydroponic compact fluorescent lamps now not only come in daylight spectrum (full spectrum) but also are also available in red spectrum 620nm to 660 and blue spectrum 460nm, so what ever stage your looking to grow, there?s a cfl bulb for you.

? Which reflector should I use?

Well any reflector is better than NO reflector, if the use is just to supplement your main lighting, then you can get away with just an eco (cheep) reflector, but use as a main, only light then a good quality reflector needs using, one like the Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflectors best, or something Simula that directs all available light down.

? Life of my bulb

Average life of a cfl lamp bulb is about 10,000 hours or so and that?s nearly a year and a half use at 18 hours of use each day, and a the current prise of twenty pound or if you?re the other side of the pond, wave.. Forty dollars OR SO.

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