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? High output led

LED plant grow light are becoming popular in battery operated devices, wheres for mains lighting is still playing catch up, however as the scramble for market dominance continues many variations and improvement are arising, when mains use and long on times are required, high power led required surface mount technology, because high outputs produce more heat, and required fine amp management and heat sinks to avoid over heating. High output leds have been round for only a few years, and are still very pricey too.

. So what?s available?LED Plant Grow Light

CreeThe XLamp XP-G LED is capable of 345 lumens at 105 lumens per watt when driven at 1 A, which is 46% brighter and 64% more efficient than the highest-performance XLamp XR-E LED at the same current. XLamp XP-G LEDs set the new standard for light output and efficacy in single-die LEDs

high power led plant grow light

XLamp xp g led, capable of a whopping 345 lumens altogether and 105 per watt, this sets new output efficacy for a single led.

? Light is life.

Over the past 20 years, the world has seen tremendous advancements in the fields of computing, telecommunications, and biotechnology, but the same technology that Thomas Edison popularized in 1879 and is still in use today to bring us all the most essential tool we have...light! High output LEDs are changing the very nature of Led plant grow lights illumination.

Simple circuits are suitable for bench top testing and experimenting with high output LEDs, however to maintain maximum LED brightness and ensure long life, we recommend?. led driver for led plant grow light

? Current regulating driver

Use some form of current regulator drivers, transformer/driver, or other form of current regulating circuit. One driver can power one or more, high power LEDs with no additional circuitry or components.

z power led high output for led plant growing . Z power

Z power led p7 single led is one of the brightest led at 900 lumen's from one led, 90 lumen's per watt.

high output Royal Blue led grow light

. Luxeon

The LXHL-MRRC Royal Blue Luxeon, offers 48 lm at 700mA, the compact size makes it easy to arrange for tight spaces. Pictured here on a single mount, can equally be arranged on a PCB board.

Oh yeah heres a 1 watt high output led that fell out my cateye light, shh, that?s what the other half thinks, here im controlling both volts and current at work.

high output led light

? So what?s new in high power LED plant grow light

In February 2010 Cree announces that there lab had past the 200 lumens per watt for white light high output led, this is a significant break though, the colour temperature of 4579 K, with the drive current of just 350mA.

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