Cheap Grow Lights For Your Indoor Growroom

Looking for cheap grow lights, one of my friend asked me recently if I new of a cheap hydroponic grow light that also does not take much space up, as he lives in a flat, and as it happens I was also looking for a new light for my greenhouse, that won?t take up much space ?as my glass house is only 6 foot my 8 foot? and also needed to be easily adjusted for height. cheap grow light reflector

A couple of weeks past and as always me and my other half were down the local pet shop supplies, picking up some bits and bobs for are guinea pigs, and while we were their I spotted some lighting reflectors and assorted bulbs for terrariums, and that got me thinking, if these lights support lizards and the like then why wouldn?t they also work well for cheap grow lights for plants also.

grow light reflector 1 The following week I bought the medium size terrarium reflector and the 150 watt bulb, the reflector is very sturdily constructed metal reflector with a heat resistant ceramic socket, which has an extra long power cord too.

Inside of the reflector is coated with a highly reflected luminous coating and comes with a large spring loaded clamp, for clipping onto summing near by, and also a attachment for hanging the lamp.

At the moment this terrarium light is inside my hydroponic grow room as I thought I?d do a little hydroponics experiment with my Aeroponic clone machine, just to see whether my fluorescent grow lighting or this new light I?d bought came out on top ?I think I my have to much time on my hands? this was only set up yesterday ?end of march? so only time will tell.

The same company also does a very small bulb, just 15 watt ?no blooming cheaper though? which I?m thinking of using in an old computer tower of mine, with maybe a miniature deep water culture system in the bottom for the plants, well I though it would be a shame to throw the tower away, so why not?.

Once I can see which of the two lights wins out I?ll stick some picks up for all to see, before moving my new light into the green house/glass house for the summer.

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