Using T5 Grow Lights For Propagation From Seedlings To Young Plants

When it come to using light to grow plants with, there?s only really one option for growing plants under lights, and that?s, t5 grow lights, But Why! gardening t5 grow lights

T5 are incredibly bright high output fluorescents, which produce twice that of the older T8 ever did, there the perfect light for starting seedling, under an intensive growing environment, which I?ll always use for propagation leafy greens to bedding plants.

Well fluorescents aren?t the only light bulb that?s used for growing on plants, from seeds to seedling, some folk use metal halide grow lights but run the risk of burning there tender young seedling, and also stretching from that heat that?s given off such hot lamps, so using high intensity discharge lights on young plants is never a great idea, and always a waste of light, and energy.

Pro?s And Con?s Of T5 Lighting

T5 fluorescent light have the most lumen's per watt of all fluorescent lights.

Fluorescent grow light are perfect for placing close to young plants.

Low bulb cost, compared to HID lighting.T5 are Easily piggybacked together.

The only disadvantage of T5 grow lights being that once plants have matured past the seedling stage into mature plants, it?s then not long before your plants are absorbing all the usable energy ?light? and so growth slows.

Fluorescent lights haven?t a great light penetration through the plants vegetative canopy, so what this means is growth will slow as your plants mature, so using t5 lights for germination, and until plants have reaches eight inch of good strong bushy growth.

How Close Is Too Close

Fluorescent lighting can be placed very close to plants, even young seedling, once seeds have germinated and have there first true set of adult leafs that is,T5 fluorescents can be lowered from five inches, to as close as half an inch ? foliage wont even burn when in contact with fluorescents? so growing with fluorescents is a very safe light to grow with.

Can I Make My Own fluorescent grow lights

If buying a ready make grow light fixtures out of the question, then piggy-backing t5 fixtures together is perfectly safe and easily done yourself, and you could also =build your own light stand too= Fluorescent grow light stand for very little cost.

Which T5 Grow Light To Use

One of the most talk about that I?ve heard about is the GE plant and Aquarium ( wide-spectrum ) but more surprising that I?ve here?s good word about GE kitchen and bathrooms too.

What?s the worst T5 Grow Light

Well nothing worst than a used T5 bulb ?like HPS lights and HID lamps? their light will diminish over time as well as the quality of light in the spectrum which best suits the plants.

What Lights to use After T5 Lights

Most people will either transplant plants strait to the garden or switch lighting to compact fluorescent grow lighting HID grow lighting, but for most folk eight inches is enough grow before there plants flowing cycle, in which case just fluorescents and =high pressure sodium= lights are the only lights that?s use during the vegative and flowering cycle.

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