Homemade Organic Pest control Recipes

homemade grow room bug spray

Homemade organic pest control spray, do your own natural pesticide, organic pesticide and fungicide, organic insect control, insect repellent, to control bugs, pests and creepy crawlies.

Exterminate pests with organic insect control, repel everything from red spider mite to caterpillars and aphids in your outdoor or indoor garden by Getting back to basics with ?do it yourself methods? in organic pest control, or maybe learn how to kill powdery mildew on plants, without destroying your plants.

small bugs and pests in gardens and greenhouses And if you can?t find what you?re looking for then! ?just let us know? which pest, your garden or grow-room plants are suffering from and we?ll do our best to find it?s nemesis for you, just head down to the bottom of the page, you can also send us a picture of your troublesome pest to help others.

Control bugs/pests in enclosed spaces such as greenhouses and grow boxes, organic bug sprays can easy be made at home, out of stuff you've probably already have.

The bugs listed below are very common pests, round greenhouses and also other place, even window sill plant's don't escape from being attacked by these garden pests, there's at lest one bug spray recipe for each bug ?that really works.?

Red Spider Mite ?Two Spotted Mite.? Also has a predator see below in, Biological pest control.
Aphid Control Bug Spray Two homemade aphid pest control sprays, very easy insecticide recipes .

? Sciarid FlyAlso has a predator, see below. sciarid fly larvae attack plant roots, and can even kill a plant.

? ThripHides out in soil, can be difficult to eradicate, Also has a predator, see below.

. Problem with mould on plants?powdery mildew? then try our alternative to chemical pesticides with homemade pest control.

organic insect spray for growrooms
Predators and parasitoids are use as an alternative to chemical pest control, which is most affective when used within a confined space such as greenhouses and grow room boxes.

These three you see below are the most common pests for grow room boxes and also greenhouses, which also have a known predator.

? Red Spider Mite, also called two spotted mitePhytoseiulus is the predator of the red spider mite which as big an appetite for eating mites as mite have for eating your plants, they?ll only survive in temperatures above 20C.

? Thrip can be difficult to eradicate as they hide out in soil and dark corners, will also burrow down into rock wool and other growing mediums too, the thrips nemesis is Nematodes.

? Sciarid Fly also known as Fungus FlyThese little quitters live within plants growing medium and will eat your plants roots, adults flys are seen flying round the tops of plants.

Whatever you, DON?T use pesticides two weeks before using biological controls. As pesticides leave behind chemical residue, which will harm or even kill bio control altogether.

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