Build A Homemade Co2 Generator Cheaply

Homemade Co2 generators can be great for small-scale co2 generation, used from fish tanks to greenhouse and grow room co2 enrichment, at the bottom of the page there?s a step by step guide to Homemade Co2 Generators.

This co2 generator was cobbled together for just a few pence and works as well as any shop bought bio co2 generator.

making a homemade co2 generator In Holland co2 from a power station?s being pumped to over 500 commercial greenhouse, which is absorbed buy the plants, with a massive 30% increase in plant growth where before natural gas would have been burnt to produce useful amounts of Co2

. Monster Sized Plants

If you?ve visited any forums lately then that you?ll most probably find is folk saying that co2 enrichment doesn?t make any deferents after they?ve splashed out on a co2 generator.

In most cases folk keep their extractor fan running, which simply extract any co2 that?s being injected back out, but with a simple segment timer set to run for 10min?s a couple of times a day ?just before co2 injected? will leave co2 that?s injected alone for plants to absorb.

. Homemade Co2 Generator Uses

Yeast Co2 generators are only affective for very small grow rooms, like p.c grow-box or maybe a small closet grow room, as these yeast co2 generators only produce small amount of Co2.

. Can you Use Co2 generators At Night Time

Plants only Absorb Co2 in day-light hour, then at night time plant absorb oxygen, so producing Co2 at night is a complete waist of time folks.

Using homemade Co2 generators at night won?t hurt your plants, partially if you use your extractor fan at night to extract the unwanted Co2 that?s being produced.

. Benefits of Homemade Yeast Co2 Generators

Besides being very cheap, homemade yeast generator don?t produce excessive heat, as no natural gas is burnt in the process.

. Homemade Co2 Generator Materials

Two-litre bottle ?coca cola type bottle.?

One Spare bottle top ?you?ll see why.?

One funnel ?so things don?t get to messy.?

Aquarium Air feed line.

Silicon sealant ?the stuff that?s used in kitchens and bathrooms.?

Drill Bit and a drill ?drill bit should be a little smaller than your tubing.?

. Step One

simple homemade co2 generator What you want to make is a hole in your two litre bottle top with that drill bit ? just a little smaller than the air-line you?ve bought? but if that sounds like to much trouble then just push a pair of sharp scissors, ?just don?t come crying to me when you?ve impaled your-self on those scissors.? yeast co2 generator for grow room . Step Two

Now pull the air-line-tubing through the hole in the cap ?about an inch will do, just as long as its above the water line.? Then seal in place with your silicon sealant, you?ll need to leave the cap to dry over night before using it.

P.s try an not get any silicon sealant on the thread of your bottle cap, as it a real sod to remove.

. Step Three ?only for using with a fish tank.?

Cut your air-line about four inches away from the bottle top and plumb in that one way valve ? make very sure the arrow that?s on the one-way-valve is pointing away from the bottle top, otherwise you?ll be building yeast time bomb.?

. Step Four

Ok this is the fun part I forgot to take any picture, but its easy enough, all your doing is mixing some ingredients up ?just like a recipe.?

First fill up your Co2 bottle to half way with warm water, but not to hot as you?ll kill the yeast ?one litre.?

Now add two cups of sugar.

With that spare bottle top, fit on top and shake until most of that sugar is dissolved ? this may take a while.?

After that sugar is dissolved, fill the rest of the bottle up with cold water.

Pop in a tablespoon of baker yeast and also the pinch of baking soda also, and give another shake.

Take the spare top off and screw on your now dry bottle top with the tubing sticking out, and make sure the water level is still below the tubing.

. Step Five

Now place the tubing from which your Co2 will come from into your mini grow room and wait, yes wait, the yeast may take up three days before the yeast starts to react with the sugar.

. How Long Will My Co2 generator Last ?.

Well the more yeast you add the faster your Co2 generator will produce, but will also deplete faster.

The more Sugar you add the longer your Co2 generator will produce Co2 for,but will produce Co2 slower.


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