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? Taking Care Of Your HPS Bulb

Garden HPS plant bulbs can be damaged before there even under your grow light reflector, when handling High Pressure Sodium Bulbs, cares needs to be taken as grease from your handle will more than likely be left after screwing in to that difficult ceramic E40 lamp holder.

Grease from your hands can cause hot spots on your grow plant bulb, causing them to fail earlier than you?d normally expect so remember to ware some gloves, when changing/replacing your HPS vapor Bulb.

HPS diagram bulb

HPS lamps get very hot, and then cool when off, its temperature deferents that can, after a while loosens that metal tablet ?its that little metal pellet that?s held at the end of the HPS bulb see above.?So when you come to screwing in, make sure you leave the HPS pellet upright, that way if it come loose your plant bulb grow lights still working ok.


Careful as you go when screw HPS Bulbs in, as that E40 lamp holders really tight, as I?ve managed to break one in the past annoyingly.

diagram HPS bulb

? Which grow Light Reflectors Best

I?m not endorsing any particular grow light reflector but always try and buy the very best that?s around/out at the time, but I will say this:- NEVER EVER BUY bat-wing, v-reflectors angled metal grow light reflectors as there bout the worst you can buy, as the light reflected is very uneven which causes hot spots within your grow room, but not only that but can also damage your bulb with heat being reflected back, shorting your bulbs life.

Diagram of a vapour HPS bulb, with an arrow sowing where you?ll find that metal pellet, as long as you keep the bulbs pellet upright then you?ll be fine, not that these pellets fall out very often as its only happened two times from about 18 bulbs, over I?d say fifteen years, but it?s well annoying when it does happen.

hps plant bulb diagram

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