Growroom Grow Lights For Plants

Grow lights for plants are used all year round, from commercial growers, to indoor hydroponic growers and home green-houses (glass-house). For day to day living, lights are well, just that lights, but when it comes to plants not all lights are equal.

Grow lights for plants require a different spectrum of light, the parts of the spectrum they absorb most of being the most useful ?which is red and blue.?

Green light is the least useful for plant as they reflect most of it "which is why plants appear GREEN", for us green is great, we perceive green light as bright light.

After all plants require deferent parts of the light spectrum depending on the growth cycle they?re in.

Have a look below at what grow lights and homemade stands for plants are available to you and help you decide which grow lights for plants is best for your plants and for your pocket.

. Indoor grow Room Setup

homemade indoor grow room setup

Have a look at this compact grow room setup, and if nothing els it will give you a good idea of whats possible will a bit of wood and some PVC corner supports that hold the whole thing together and its only 3x4, so have a peek at this complete grow room setup.

. Plant Light Stands For High Pressure Sodium Lights

If your not wantin to hang lights from your ceilings then maybe you could build a plant stand, homemade plant light stand that you can also hang a carbon air filter from too.

.Fluorescent Grow Light Stand

homemade light stand

Fluorescent grow light stand for your grow room thats cheap,not that I've worked out any costings at this time, but lots cheaper than buying a ready made grow light stand and easy to build in under an hour, simply built out of some PVC tubing.

. Sun System Grow Light For Your Grow-Room

sun system indoor grow lights
Sun system lighting has a full range of grow lights for plants, thats manufactured in the USA, and all there grow lighting shade are designed for optimal light output,sun systems also do professional grow light units for horticultural greenhouse lighting as well.

. Very Cheap Grow Lights

cheapest grow lights

"Grow lights for plants that you may not think of using for your grow room"

One of my mates asked me recently, just how cheap grow lights for plants can be, so I described what?s needed, like ballast ,reflector,grow bulbs, and also a grow light timing relay if he wished to switch the grow light on and off, automatically?. So that got me thinking...


. Cheap Grow Lights "

cheap grow lights

what to look for in traditional grow lights for plants"

Looking for a cheap grow light! What?s your grow light reflector doing for you!

One of the most important purchases for your indoor grow room you?ll make, so choose wisely and buy the best reflector that you can afford, or dare i say, wait till you can afford a good grow light reflector.

? Indoor Grow Lights and their spectrum

spectrum of grow lights
We all think of Watts when deciding on what grow light to buy, how many lumens is it going to give me!!, bla bla, but what sort of grow light spectrum do plant really need !

? L.E.D Grow lights

led grow lights for growrooms

led growing lights are revolutionizing led growing lights, from the hobby gardener, indoor grower and also for green-houses (glass-house). Led lighting consumes far less energy, and produces hardily any heat, which is great for indoor growing, when the last thing you?ll need is more heat. ? So whats the advantages of led grow light

There?s a lot of talk surrounding led plant grow light at the moment, and I think that?s the direction of led plant grow light technology will eventually head towards, given the cost that electricity is expected to cost in the coming years and the pace that led technology is advancing, even NASA are growing with ? High-output led Growing Lights , as there compact and their light spectrum can be tailed to the plants pacific spectrum needs.

high power led required surface mount technology, because high outputs LEDS produce more heat, and required fine amp management and also heat sinks to avoid over heating, High output LED'S have been round for only a few years, and are still very pricey too.

? Fluorescent growing lights

T5 Fluorescent grow lights for plants are a useful supplementary source of light either in your grow room or within your greenhouse, although T5 Grow Lights T5 Grow Lights aren't all that great for light penetration,T5 fluorescents are fantastic for propagation and extending the hours of light for your green-house/glass-house too

? Compact fluorescent Grow-Lights

Compact fluorescents grow bulbs have been around for a while now, and are cheap to run and don?t require a ballast either, unlike fluorescent strip lighting and hp sodium lights, compacts can also be use as a primary lighting source and are available in both red and blue or full grow light spectrum.

? High Pressure sodium lights

high pressure sodium grow light/HPS plant grow Lights are largely used as a flowering bulb as the spectrum sits mostly in the orange and red spectrum, although will also work in vegetative cycle,like the son t plus, high pressure sodium.

HPS bulb

also need a ballast, which is worth taking into account, when cost is concerned , but do give very good light penetration and therefore maximum yield.

? Metal Halide Bulb

Just like high pressure sodium?s,metal halide grow lights also require a ballast and the light spectrum is manly blue, which is great for vegetative growth. Metal halide bulbs are the least efficient of all bulbs, so you don?t get much bang for your buck, but some people do swear by them for grow plants in their vegetative stage quickly.

Theres plenty of different ways that grow light for plants are manufactured, for different reasons, its worth going though the advantages and disadvantages of grow lights for plants thats available to you, from the highly efficient led grow lights, to the well, highly inefficient HPS grow light bulbs and metal halide grow light,that give of as much heat as they do light, although massively inefficient, they do get the job done, and maybe just what's needed if your growing high value crops.

And remember as summer comes round I?ll be adding more pictures and info.

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