Quick Plant Nutrient Deficiency References Chart

Here?s a quick referents chart to plant nutrient deficiency symptoms and also plant over fertilization.

Also plant nutrient deficiencies may also be attributed either partly or solely to the PH Of Water being either too acidic or too alkaline, also a quick PH guide also

Term ?chlorotic? or ?chlorosis? described as abnormally pale, weak looking foliage, which is due to low chlorophyll.

. Plant Nutrient deficiency Chart

?(N) Nitrogen Deficiency

A noticeable lack of vigor, with older leaves becoming yellowChlorosis if left untreated will spread to stems and inter-nodes and starts from lower leaves and moves upwards through the plant.

?(N) Nitrogen Toxicity

Plants will more than likely have very dark leaves that rip/ter easily and also then ends of your leaves will dry out and burn and be easily knocked off.

?(P) Phosphorus Deficiency

Signs of stunted, slow growth with older leaves appearing to be dark green and often accompanied by some purpling or reddening on both leaves and stems.while

?(P) Phosphorus Toxicity

Although rare, innless your making your own nutrient fertilizer up, can slow uptake of copper and zinc.

?(K) Potassium Deficiency

First signs of plant nutrient deficiency will normally be chlorotic ?pale? with developing darker patches, turning black, first aspeares on outer edges of leaves before moving in, plants may also appear vigorous at fist.

?(K) Potassium Toxicity

Although not normally toxic can slow uptake of manganese, magnesium, zinc and iron.

?(S) Sulphur Deficiency

Early signs are a general yellowing of entire leaf, beginning with the younger leafs, leafs may curl downwards around the edges of leafs.

?(S) Sulphur Toxicity

Edges of leafs become brown with leaf overall size reduced on new growth.

?(MG) Manganese deficiency

Some chlorosis ? and yellowing spots? with brown patches with some leaf shedding and maybe some deformed leaf growth, with leaf curling.

?(MG) Manganese Toxicity

Uneven leaf colour, due to low chlorophylls, with slow plant growth rates.

?(cl) Chlorine Deficiency

Some reddening ?bronzing? beginning at stem of leaf and rising, with hydroponics some root thickening at the ends and general growth will slow.

?(B) Boron deficiency

Tips of plants stems may die along with root tips, along with swelling of roots. Leafs may wilt along with some leaf browning ?spotting.? turning grey.

?(B) Boron Toxicity

Some plants are more sensitive than others, general yellowing of leaf edges, that moves over the entire leaf surface.

?(ZN) Zinc Deficiency

Crinkling of leafs or just generally distorted with reduced leaf size in new growth, including the distance between leaf nodes,with white areas on tips and between leaf vain's .

?(ZN) Zinc Toxicity

Excessive amounts of zinc will cause chlorosis, wilting and will quickly kill any plant as its very toxic to plants in large amounts.

?(CU) Copper Deficiency

Twisting of leafs, sometimes confused with red mite infestation, leafs become very green and shiny, with black spots and slowing growth.

?(CU) Copper Toxicity

Signs of stunted growth along with some yellowing ?chlorosis? although essential, extremely toxic in large amounts

?(MO) Molybdenum Deficiency

First signs are shown on older leafs that become very dark green becoming twisted later on, if lest unchecked will spread throughout plant, leading to leaf loss.

?(MO) Molybdenum Toxicity

Used in very small amounts, toxicities rare but can discolor foliage.

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